Transferring molecule structures to Unity

Hello, I am entering the game developing industry, I’m coming from the chemistry field. I really enjoy what you guys did with Waltzing Atoms, I’ve also read Lukas Prost’s bachelor thesis on rendering in Unity. I want to make a game about chemistry and molecules. I’m learning how to do stuff so any help will be appreciated. Do you mind giving me a few tips on loading .mol files for example into the Unity3D editor?

Thanks and good luck

Hello Stefan,

Sounds interesting doing a real game about chemistry.

As for the mol-import: we convert all other formats to our json-wal-format. This is usually done in the Waltzing Atoms Lab web-application.

The unity-app then gets the json-wal-files and builds up the molecular scene.

The json-wal file is no rocket science, here an example for water
Water.wal (5.2 KB)
It’s essentially the positions of the atoms and which atoms are connected by which bond. The additional stuff is our gamification elements and text/image content.

If you need further help or information, I suggest you contact us via email. We could think about providing you with our mol-converter, but then I need to know more about the nature of your project (commercially, university, etc.)

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