Getting started for students: Joining a classroom

This post shows how students using the Waltzing Atoms App can connect with a digital classroom of an educator.

1st step: Before connecting to a classroom you have to login first. You can change to the login screen at any time by clicking on the “lone”-icon (looking like a single person in the upper-right corner):

At the login screen enter your username and password an click sign in:

After sign in, the icon in the upper-right corner should change to “connected”.

2nd step: Join a classroom by clicking on the settings icon in the left-upper corner:

Select “Join class”.

we are using the QR-code method here to join a classroom. Another method is the email invitation

3rd step: scan in the QR-code provided by your educator:

Voila, you successfully joined a classroom! The educator should see you in his Waltzing Atoms Lab now.

Currently, you can only join one classroom at a time. In case of multiple classroom joins, always the last one is active