Getting started for Educators: Inviting students to your classroom

1st step: In your dashboard click on “Yoda”:

2nd step: Click on “Invite students” for the classroom you want to invite students to:

(if you do not have a classroom here, see the other Getting started: Creating your first classroom)

You should now see the QR-Code for invitations to your classroom. Invitation is possible by QR-Code scanning and email invitation. We will use QR-Code scanning here.

3rd step: Activate the QR-Invitation by clicking “Disabled” on the right-bottom side of the code:

Students can now join your classroom by simply scanning your QR-Code with the “Waltzing Atoms App”. You can store your QR-Code by right-clicking on the QR-Code on your screen and choose “Save image as…”. The resulting image can then be shared with your students.

Note that you should only let the invation be “Enabled” as long as you want to invite students to your class. Disable the invitation afterwards by clicking “Enabled”.