Getting started for Educators: Creating your first exercise

In this post, we will see how a simple molecule exercise for aspirin can be created with the Waltzing Atoms Lab.

1st step: Login to your cockpit at and click on “Lab”:

If you do not have access to the Lab here, see how to activate a trial license in Getting started: Creating your first class room

2nd step: Login to the “Waltzing Atoms Lab” with the same username and password used for the cockpit:

3rd step: You are now in the Waltzing Atoms Lab. By default, the classroom view is minimized, to view your class click on the classroom button:

4th step: Choose your classroom from the dropdown list “Select classroom”:

You now see the students in your classroom. In this example, IronMan is the only student and he is currently non-active in the Waltzing Atoms app (red dot). Let’s make an exercise group and a simple exercise for IronMan.

5th step: To create an exercise group right-click on the “HOME” directory on the left-hand side exercise tree. Select “Add Exercise Group” and type in a name for the group:

We will now add a simple exercise for aspirin. Exercises can created by either searching on PubChem, importing mol-Files or copying existing riddles. We will create the exercise by searching on PubChem in the following.

6th step: Type your molecule of choice in the PubChem search and click “Get”:

In this example, aspirin shows up in the visualization window:

7th step: To save the exercise to a exercise group right-click on the group (in this example “Medicine”) and choose “Save New Exercise Here”:

8th step: To change the exercise description, right-click in the 3D-visualization window of the Waltzing Atoms Lab and choose “Exercise Properties”:

I have entered some data here (copied from Wikipedia). Press ok when you are finished editing.

9th step: To delete atoms in the molecule, click on the “Slot Toggler” next to the “Save”-Button:

You can now delete atoms by clicking on them in the 3D window. On deletion, atoms turn transparent. I’ve deleted all oxygens of the aspirin molecule in this example:

You can also change the candidate atoms, the students can choose from when solving your exercise. To that end, right-click on the 3D window and choose “Candidates”:

The Waltzing Atoms Lab automatically adds deleted atoms in this list

Of course, you can also add invalid atoms in this list or change the occurance to make the exercise harder to solve.

10th step: Click on the “Save”-button to save your exercise:

Congratulation you’ve successfully created your first Waltzing Atoms exercise!