FAQ for educators and the Waltzing Atoms Lab

How can I import existing chemical structures?
In the Waltzing Atoms Lab click on import and choose your file format. For example, you can import mol-files directly into the Lab.

Can I change the styles of the atoms and bonds in Waltzing Atoms Lab?
Yes, right-click in the 3D window and choose “Exercise Styles”:

My school cannot afford a single license but I still want to use Waltzing Atoms. Are there alternative plans?
Yes, we collaborate with the chemical industry to provide sponsorships for schools. Please contact our customer support office@waltzingatoms.com for details.

Do I need to have a digital classroom to use the Waltzing Atoms Lab?
No, you can also use Waltzing Atoms for your preparation, on a digital whiteboard or via a beamer. Note that for Office365 presentations, there is also a Waltzing Atoms addin for Powerpoint and Excel.

Why cannot I access the Lab? There is a locked symbol in my cockpit.
You do not have a valid license. Either click on “30-day trial” if you want the trial license or choose a permanent license:

How can I save exercises in the Lab?
Exercise can be saved by right-clicking on your “HOME” directory on the exercise tree on the left-hand side:

Select “Save New Exercise Here”.

Currently, you cannot save an empty exercise

To order your exercises you can create exercise groups and drag and drop the exercises according to their preferred location.